Saturday, January 18, 2014

Letter Identification and a Freebie!

It is funny how each year seems to go by quicker than the previous.  With that being said, I'm in shock with the fact that our first half of the year is just days from ending.  How did that happen?

As a class this year, we talked about how far along we wanted to be with some of the basic skills.  (i.e. rote counting, letter identification, sound identification)  The owls and myself agreed that an achievable goal was to have most of us at mastery level by January.  I knew that not all of my owls would reach this goal but I loved the fact that they all wanted that challenge.  This goal has really pushed my owls that entered with few letters, sounds, and counting knowledge to work hard each day.  I am proud to say that, as of now, there are only 3 owls that cannot identify all letters, both upper and lowercase.  These owls are within 5 letters to mastery at this time. 

Seeing as this was a whole class goal and I want all my owls to feel successful, I have set aside a couple extra activities for them during workstations.  These activities are easy to prep and have allowed my owls to work independently to practice just what they needed-letter identification.  Since I know these owls are still working on mastery, I check in with them frequently and ask what letters they have found. 

In this first activity, I took a bunch of extra cubes that I had from my math center and simply wrote letters on them.  I color coded the letters in groups of three to allow the owls to focus on three letters at a time.  I also kept the letters in order to let them say the alphabet when they got "stuck." 
(Don't worry, this owl and I had a discussion about that first set of cubes. :))
In this second activity, I printed out the alphabet cards and laminated.  The owls then just worked on matching the upper to the lowercase.
Go ahead and click on the picture to grab your very own set.  The set includes both upper and lowercase letters!  If you download the freebie, please leave a little love in the comment section.  :)


  1. I think the boys in my class are going to LOVE this set of alpha cards! Thank you for sharing, Erin! :)

    1. These letter cards were a HUGE hit with my boys. The second I mentioned ninja turtles, their eyes lit up! Thank you for commenting and enjoy the cards!

  2. The boys in my class are going to love your alpha cards. What a great idea to keep kids engaged when learning the alphabet. Thanks so much for posting!