Monday, November 12, 2012

Nothing Like a Monday Field Trip

So today I had my second field trip of the year.  It was my lovely class, the K class that we share a classroom with, and one of the first grade rooms.  A wonderful group of kids eager to step out into the chilly 30 degrees to take a hike through nature.  We had set up this field trip at a not too far away nature center to review our recent study of the four seasons and to take a look at how animals use their surroundings to survive.  Now keep in mind, this week the temperatures were in the 60's so I was thinking this trip was going to be amazing.  A great review accompanied by fresh air-teacher heaven!  Mother nature, however, had another plan and decided to change dramatically overnight on me.  We spent a mere 20 minutes outside observing bits and pieces of nature while trying to reassure the kids that they were not going to freeze! :)  Have to love the over dramatics!  Overall, the trip went well.  The kids had fun and appeared fully engaged minus the thawing out part.  Upon returning to school, we discussed what we did on our field trip and the kids drew their favorite part.  Tomorrow we will revisit our discussion and create a class book revolving around our field trip.  How do you extend the field trip experience in your classroom?

Hope your week has started off well!

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