Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Sorry all!  I have been so very neglectful to this little blog o' mine.  I assure you that I am going to attempt to get better seeing as the school year is in full swing and my little owls are really getting the hang of things.  I believe the part that has thrown me into disorganization with blogging is that our day was extended by an hour.  Now you may be reading that and saying to yourself, "An hour, so what?!?"  Well, that is one less hour each day I have with my family, which is making my juggling everything difficult right now.  I will get better with time and I will get back in the swing of things, please just be patient with me.  :)

Today was day 15 for us.  I have 15 amazingly sweet little owls this year.  They have such kind personalities and are for the most part willing to work their "feathers" off.  :)  Haha!  See what I did there?  For the most part, we have been focusing all our energy on classroom expectations and procedures.  Today was the first day of trying out 3 literacy workstations for 10 minutes a piece.  They rocked it and I was one proud teacher owl!  Literacy workstations for the time being are letter work/identification and name practice.  I really want my owls to have independence this year before I dive into guided reading groups and more complex workstation work.

Math has been pretty basic so far as well.  Lots of one to one practice and numbers up to 10.  They are doing well with this and I can already see my owls that will need more of a challenge.  Yay!

That is about all I have right now!  I've been terrible with taking pictures and that will also change with time.

I will leave you with one picture though...

I was surprised with this gorgeous ring two weeks ago.  We have not set a date yet but I am definitely one happy girl!