Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Beginning of Addition, Engaged Graphing, and a Reminder!

It is terribly cold here in WI!  When I say "terribly cold" I'm talking in the negative numbers with wind chill.  My owls have been stuck inside all week due to this extreme cold, but I really must say they are handling it well.  We will see how next week goes, seeing as it the week just before winter break.  :)

In math, I have slowly been exposing my owls to the idea of addition.  We did some vocabulary introduction and a little dice in dice action to get warmed up.  The owls nailed it!  Today we stepped it up a notch and did some actual "here is a group of objects" and "here is a group of objects" and what is the sum work.  I did this through some winter themed, hands on fun.  Each owl got two foam snowmen, a bag with 12 cubes, and a die.  They rolled the die and that was the number of cubes that went on the first snowman.  They rolled again and that was the number of cubes that went on the second snowman.  They then counted all the cubes by moving the cubes onto the carpet above the snowman.  The owls LOVED this and caught on really quick!  Teacher's dream!

In a math station this week, I wanted to have my owls do a little independent graphing.  This is what was inside the station basket- a superhero spinner set, a princess spinner set, and the graphing pages.  The owls picked which spinner and graph they wanted to work with and away they went.  Super easy and the owls loved being able to make a choice.
Please note that when my owls turn in recording pages, I don't just collect them and check for right answers.  They have to answer questions for me first, so I can check for actual understanding.  :)  If you would like the spin and graph set, click on any of the pictures and download it for free.
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