Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apples, Bears, OH MY!

Happy Sunday All!  I'm enjoying a lovely Sunday with loads of laundry, cleaning, and lesson planning.  Oh the life I lead!  ;)

This coming school week is going to be filled with Brown Bear themed activities in workstations and apple learning in Science.  I've been sticking to introducing a theme a week in advance and doing as much whole group teaching as I can with it and then leaving the "fun" and "cute" activities in their workstations for the next week.  It has made my planning a little easier so far this year! 

While I was planning and thinking ahead, I got to thinking about the needs of some of my owls.  I wanted to create something that would fit with an apple theme but would also allow for some additional practice.  Some of my owls are still having trouble with distinguishing between capital and lowercase letters, so I figured I would focus there.  With this focus, blossomed the following creation.

Click on the picture to take a look at what is included!  I'm super excited about this activity! 
Because I am feeling so excited for this activity, I would like to give it away to one lucky follower!  Leave me a comment with your favorite apple activity to do in the classroom along with your email address and I will pick a winner at random Tuesday night!  Good luck!


  1. Such a cute pack!! I always love doing apple tasting and graphing with my kids. They always love the healthy treat. And they get exciting during the graphing part to see which apple "wins" as the class favorite:-)

  2. I enjoy having the students try the different types of apples in class. My students usually don't know there are more than red apples. After trying all the apples, we will graph what type of apple they enjoyed the most.

  3. I found a really cute apple tree with capital letters and the apples have lowercase for them to match! I have been using it during Word Work.

  4. It is hard to choose. Each year, we paint the seasons of the apple tree using apples as the paint "stamps". We also do an apple taste test and graph which apples are our favorite. The kids love both activities...and so do I! :)


  5. We love apple tasting graphing activity and then making applesauce!!!!!