Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little Look at Math!

Happy Sunday!  This week was parent/teacher conferences and to say that was exhausting is an understatement.  Thankfully, we were given Friday off to attempt to catch up on sleep and everyday life.  However, the catching up on sleep part doesn't typically happen in our house especially with a little 3 year old man running around.  He has other plans for his day with mommy!  :)  Love him so much! 

I am finally planned for next week's full week of learning and wanted to share some super easy and inexpensive math workstations that the owls will be doing.  The little man was my tester and was having a blast so I am certain my owls will get a kick out of them as well!

First one up is a super simple, very little prep, identifying numbers and one to one correspondence.  The large felt pumpkin is from the Dollar Store, as are the pumpkin seeds.  The little pumpkin bucket is a Target dollar find.  The little cards I made quickly to add an extra learning piece.  The owls pull out a pumpkin number card, identify the number, and count out the matching number of pumpkin seeds.  SIMPLE but effective!  *Pumpkin cards are programmed for numbers 1 - 20, which will allow for challenges.*

Second one is another simple, very little prep, counting workstation.  Pumpkin bucket again is from Target dollar spot, the black "tree" is from the Dollar Tree, and the little owls are from Hobby Lobby.  This time, the owls roll a die or dice depending on abilities and count out the matching number of owls.

Third one is simple and requires little prep.  Spider bucket is from the Target dollar spot, felt web from Jo-Ann Fabrics as well as the spider buttons, and the pocketed cubes I bought in Vegas (forgot the vendor.)  Focus once again is on identifying numbers and one to one correspondence.  The owls roll the cube, identify the number, and count out the matching number of spiders.  *I do have another cube programed with higher numbers for the owls that need a challenge.*
This last one is a freebie in my TPT store.  Click the picture to go snag it!  This is for identifying numbers and for putting them in counting order.  I included numbers 1 to 20 and four different recording pages to allow all learners to feel successful. 
Hope you found something that you can use this week or next! 

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