Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Animals and Living/Nonliving!

Here I am!  Second day in a row and ready to share some of the great things that went on during Science today.

We started our animal unit yesterday with a quick prediction as to what the little owls thought we might learn.  By their responses, I'm thinking the five senses was a big hit with this group!  :)  After each wrote down a prediction and then read it to me, I read the book Animal A-Z by Louisa Cornford.  This book was the lead in to our animal unit.  (If you have not heard of this book, I highly recommend looking into getting a coppy.  Great photographs and interesting facts to go with each animal.)  After reading the book, I had the little owls tell me if they had figured out what we were going to learn.  Lots of eager hands started waving at me.  We wrote animals onto our learning page and that was a wrap for day 1. 

Today was day 2 of our animal study and we focused on living and nonliving.  I found magazine picture examples prior to lesson and taped them onto chart paper.  I had the little owls look at the pictures and come up with what makes something living and somthing nonliving.  Here is what our charts looked like after we were finished discussing.  Super proud of how they turned out.  The little owls really grabbed onto this.

Once these charts were made, we did a little more discussion.  This time I wanted some more examples of living and nonliving things.  Again, I was very proud of their responses.  The evidence piece of this lesson was a simple magazine search.  Each little owl was responsible for finding a picture of a living thing and a nonliving thing.  They also needed to copy a simple sentence that I provided.  We are putting writing into everything at this point.  Here are a few examples of finished products.

Tomorrow's game plan is to review living and nonliving through a whole group sorting activity.  After all the pictures are sorted, each little owl will write about what was noticed during the activity.


  1. Looks like a fun unit!! Love the magazine search!!

    The Cozy Classroom

  2. So fun! I just love this unit with kindergarten!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby