Monday, April 29, 2013

Math Station Mash Up

I wanted to stop by quickly and share our weekly math stations with you all.  Our stations are more about skills right now than about theme.  This being said, prepare yourself for a picture show of a little of this and a little of that.

This station works on our counting skills.  The owls had a a couple different choices with how they could work in this station.  They could grab a fishbowl, recognize the number, and then count out the matching number of goldfish.  They could roll a die, find the fishbowl with the same number, and then count goldfish.  They could roll the die in die, find the fishbowl with the same number, and count goldfish.  Number focus was 1-20.
This station works on our graphing skills.  The owls rolled a die in die, practiced a bit of addition, and then recorded the number rolled on the graph.  Smelly markers made this station a hit!
This station works on subtraction.  They work as a team to use the mustache foam stickers to find the total to the number sentence on the card.  Side note- we are still in the beginning stages of subtraction so the mustache stickers really helped the owls see what was happening.  The mustache cards came from Kindergarten Smorgasboard's Mustache Mania pack.
This last station works on addition. The owls pulled an addition card, which is shown with superheroes.  They counted the heroes and placed the numbers in the correct places on a recording page.  From there, they counted all of the heroes to find an answer.  In the bottom picture, I found some Buck Rogers ships at our local Science and Surplus store and knew they would work perfectly with this.  Superheroes and ships, what's not to love!  Those were put in for my owls that need to touch and move.  If you are interested in this, just click on either of the pictures to go to my TPT store.


(While you are there, don't forget to follow my store!  I have a few things in the works right now.  Just trying to find time to finish them up with end of the year craziness.  :))

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