Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Wonderful World of Writing!

As I watch the rain come down yet again, I'm really beginning to consider trading in my car for a boat.  Perhaps I will get a nice canoe, so I can get in a good workout while getting around the city.  :)

Ok, ok, ok, on to the blog post! 

This week in writing, also known as our ELA block, we are playing around with various kinds of writing.  We looked at signs and labels on Monday, cards and notes on Tuesday, and captions today.  My little owls are STRUGGLING with writing this year, so these kinds of writings are more comforting for my owls.  These writings are short and sweet, which keeps the owls engaged and allows more time for me to observe some real trying in writing. 

Sign says, "Watch out!"

Sign says, "Do not go in the lion cave."
We are learning more about lions in Science right now, so I put the two together.  We labeled the clipart lion and then drew a cave where a lion might be.  The owls had to create a sign to hang outside the cave opening and write a message on it. 

"The kitchen smells weird."

"The banana almost looks good to eat."

"The baby is playing."
For caption writing, I asked the owls to find a magazine picture that interested them.  From there they needed to create a caption that would explain the picture better. 
Overall, these writings went well.  I think for next year, I will introduce them earlier in the year and then revisit them later to see how word choice has changed.  Just a thought!
Another week almost done!  We are down to 39 days left!  We are in the thirties as the owls would say!


  1. We are down to 22 more days! :)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one counting down...we are at 23 days :) I hate that you are having yucky weather. I think ours is coming tomorrow :-/
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  3. Love their writing! I am so tired of the rain..I think we may need to build an ark soon! Hoping for sun this weekend!

    Clearly Kindergarten