Monday, April 8, 2013

Plastic Eggs and Plastic Bunny Hoppers, Oh My!

Oh my word!  Is anyone else as exhausted as I am today???  Today was our first day back after Spring Break and I don't remember ever feeling this drained.  I ended up making the fatal mistake of putting the recliner back after dinner and BAM!  I was out.  One power nap later, I am ready to tell you about some of today's happenings.

I had written about these activity a couple weeks back.  I am just now getting around to the picture of what it looks like.  I decided to keep some work stations the same, so we could focus on expectations the first few days back.  We are down to the last 46 days and I want the little owls to become as independent as possible and to really take their learing into their own hands.  If you would like to read more about this activity or to grab the freebie that goes with, head over here.  Just a slight side note, the little owls rocked this station.  I was blown away with their addition today!
This is my newest creation and my little owls had a blast with it today.  I ended up introducing it in my guided reading groups.  I wasn't brave enough to let 18 little hands have those bunny hoppers at the same time.  I had visions of bunnies flying by my face ever second.  :)  Since I used it with my guided reading groups, I pulled out the sight words that were in need of some extra loving and we had at it.  If you are interested in including this activity in your room, please stop by my TPT and download it for free!  I found the adorable bunny hoppes at Wal-mart before Easter.
I will be back tomorrow, unless I fall asleep right after school again, to share some of the things we are doing with our science unit on animals. 
Hope everyone had a great Monday!


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  1. Oh I hear ya!! I was ready for bed at about 8 last night :) I will be downloading your activity for sure, thanks!!

    The Cozy Classroom