Sunday, November 10, 2013

Letters + Construction = Engaged K5 Boys

So I had a few boys last month that just were not getting into literacy workstations.  They were basically zooming their way through the work and then either just sitting there or finding ways to "entertain" themselves.  We all know what that means!  I have never seen so much nose picking and finger licking as I had during the month of October. 

With that being said, I took a step back and looked at what I was putting in my literacy workstations.  I really needed to make it more "boy" friendly.  What I had put in there was by no means bad, it just wasn't as engaging for the "boys" boy.  Once I knew that was what I needed, I let my mind take over.  After several days and while watching my little man playing with his toys, the creative light bulb came.  I was going to pull together letter identification/word work and construction.  P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
This little pack was born from that idea!  I put together a set of construction themed capital and lowercase letter cards that can be used for a construction version of bang, a letter identification activity, a letter size match up, or a word building activity.  Different recording pages are included for the various activities as well.

This is what I did in my classroom just for letter identification.
Dirt in bucket and little construction toys!  Engaged owls, check!
To make sure the owls were working and not just having a blast digging through the dirt, they had to write down the letters they found. 
Side note-I had two different buckets out, one with just capital letters that we had discussed in class and that all the owls knew and one that had a mixture of capital and lowercase letters, known and not.
If you think that your boys would enjoy something like this, click on any of the above pictures to grab it from my TPT store. 
For fun, I will send it to the first 5 comments I get on this post!  I have really been slacking on this whole blogging thing lately and I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about all you wonderful followers.  :)


  1. I love how you thought about the boys' interests!

  2. Way to tap into boys' interests. I bet there were be some girls who will like it also.

  3. This is amazing! I've been struggling to engage my boys too. Thanks for your creativity!!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I know the boys would love this activity. :)

    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

  5. Fantastic center for boys! Very engaging! I know my "wild" boys would love it!


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  7. Looks like I just missed the first five! That looks like a great engaging activity for those active boys!


  8. Just what my special ed students need to get them excited about letters! I've tried so many ideas. Nothing seems to make it stick.

  9. I just wanted to add my two cents - it is hard to get some boys engaged in literacy and numbers- having construction and sports themes really do make a difference. I have seen a math game using cars - I think Heidi made a referent to it in one of her posts not long ago ( or perhaps Vanessa Levin Pre- k blog - I know the more interactive and use of manipulatives seem to help my little ones.. Thanks for sharing your ideas on your blog.
    Regards from Alberta, Canada,

  10. Last year I had 13 boys and 3 girls. I tried anything and everything that kept them moving. I would love to try this with my class.

  11. These activities look fantastic and I bet the kids love these! Girls dig those trucks and cars too.
    They love superheros and outer space stuff too. We can't deny that boys really love certain themes and these are really engaging.
    Love your brain,