Sunday, November 24, 2013

Teen Numbers

My owls are in full swing with their learning about teen numbers.  Each year, these teen numbers provide a not so pleasant bump in our learning.  :(  On the positive side of this, my owls are not letting the teen numbers get them down this year.  They are working hard to get them down and to push ahead. 

When I noticed that these particular numbers were going to cause some issues, I went ahead and found everything I could that dealt with teen numbers.  I have at least one if not two math workstations that include an activity that revolves around either identifying the teen numbers or counting the teen numbers.  We are definitely working them until they are stuck in our heads!

I put together this little activity and introduced it with this past week's stations.  The owls are having a blast with it.  Right now I have them identifying the teen number, counting the pictures until they find a match, and then using buttons to double check their counting.  Here's what it looks like in action!
Click on either of the pictures to grab this simple yet engaging station for free in my TPT store. 
I have a couple sets of these cards printed and I'm thinking that after our little Thanksgiving break, we will play "Go Fish" with the cards.  Otherwise, my owls love a good game of "Memory," so that is always a possibility.  The truth is that there are so many options with just one set of cards, you just have to really go by what your students are showing an interest in. 

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