Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to School and Numbers

Happy Saturday!  I'm stopping by to tell you about a fun number pack I created for Back to School!  In this pack I focused on working with numbers 1 to 10 in a variety of different to one correspondence, number identification, five frame, ten frame, dot plates, dice, and dominoes.  Here are some pictures to help you get a "feel" for the pack.
These are the "dot plates" included in the pack.  I printed the circles for numbers 1 to 6 and taped them onto paper plates from Target.  The mini erasers are also from Target (more about those in a second.)
How to use the "dot plates"
I asked my little man/helper to first point and count the pencils.

Next, I had him use the mini erasers to cover the pencils and count again.  (This is another way to practice that one to one correspondence.)
Since I know his math ability already, I had him tell me how many after he had covered and counted.  That's the cardinality piece some kids need additional support/practice with.
These numeral cards and mini erasers could be used to work more on that one to one correspondence.  Pull a card and count out the number of apples.
These cards are a friendly and fun way to introduce the five frame.
Pull a card, figure out the number represented, and then mirror the number on own five frame with the mini erasers.
After a comfort level is reached with the five frame, these are great for introducing the ten frame.  They will offer that challenge for your fast learners as well.
They work the same way as the five frame. 
Pull a card, identify the number on the ten frame, and mirror the number with the mini erasers.
You can click on any of the pictures to pick this pack up in my store.  It will be on sale for the big TPT Back to School sale.  Like past TPT site wide sales, don't forget to enter the code before checking out for additional savings.
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  1. I love these ideas Erin. You have made these so engaging for the little guys.

  2. Thanks Fran! My goal is to make this year all about the hands on activities. I really want my kids to touch and manipulate everything and to learn through interaction with materials.