Monday, August 4, 2014

More Colorful Ideas and a TPT Sale

Good morning!  I spent some time this past weekend putting together some simple color activities that will go into work stations for the little ones to have some additional practice with color identification.

Color Stick Sorting
I had these metal cans and sticks from last year.  They were originally used for my classroom behavior system but I am changing that around this year to make it more PreK friendly.  More on that another day.
How to use-  I will be introducing this to the whole group through a mini lesson.  We will talk about what it means to sort and I will get a sense of who knows what the word is or not.  I will uncover the word "color" on our sorting anchor chart to offer another visual.  Then I will model how to sort the sticks into the correct cans.  While I model, I always think out loud so the kids can hear what my mind is doing.  After I have sorted a few sticks, I will have the kids come up and try.
It will look something like this while sorting happens.
Color Button Sort
Now that I have introduced sorting by color and the kids have had some practice, this button sorting activity will go into a work station to do with me for more guided practice.  This will allow me to take notes and assess. 
Here is an action shot of sorting buttons by color.
Color Monsters Floor Puzzle
I picked up this great puzzle at a Half Price Books store near my house.  It was only $4.99.  SCORE!
Since it is the start of the year, I will be introducing putting puzzles together to the whole group first.  Sorting the pieces by edges and no edges is easier for me, so I will introduce this as a strategy for them to try when putting together a puzzle.  I will sort a few pieces and then have the kids help me sort the rest.
I will start the puzzle and model how to use the picture on the box as a guide.  Also how to look closely at the colors and pictures on the pieces to find pieces that match.  We will work together to put the puzzle together.  This puzzle, along with a few other color themed ones, will be put in a work station for small group practice.
I hope that one or all of these activities were helpful.  How do you practice colors with your students?  What are some of your favorite activities?
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