Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tell Me Something Good LInky!

Before I get to the something good, let me get a little bit of weight off of my shoulders.  My kids were beyond exhausted today, which in turn meant that I spent most of the day feeling like I was pulling my hair out.  We have definitely hit our winter blahs!

Now on to my something good...

I am linking up with Rowdy In First Grade and will be sharing a few good things that have happened.

Good School Things- We have been doing our PALS assessments this week and overall all my little owls have made some great progress.  We also are using more "math talk" during our math stations which is wonderful.  I love this!

Good At Home Thing- My two year old son is the picture of tantrums and terrible twos these days.  When I would pick up from daycare, he would throw himself on the floor and scream/cry as hard as possible.  Since I have gone back to school after winter break, this has stopped.  He meets me at the door with smiles, hugs, and kisses.  Makes the not so good days wash away!

So now that you have read some of my good things, hop over to Rowdy In First Grade's blog and link up.


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