Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little Review Helps the Skills Go Down!

Good evening all!  Hoping that your week has been treating you well.  We had a professional development day on Monday, which translates into this teacher had the whole day to her self for getting things done in the classroom!  LOVE those kind of pd days! 

Anyways, I decided to plan some much needed review into workstations this week in both math and literacy.  My little owls have been lacking confidence lately and I wanted these skill review stations to push them past this little funk.

I was able to take a few pictures of some of the literacy workstations today.  Math will have to be a different post. 

The first pictures are from our writing workstation.  I have been really working with the little owls on their sentence building and sight word recognition.  Since we are focusing on those skills, I put them together into a little page called Shooting Star Sentence.  The little owls have to use the star word in the star in a sentence and then draw a picture to match.  We have done this with 3 different words thus far and some words are definitely easier than others.
I was extremely happy when I saw this work.  She has some great spelling going on and what we call a "strong sentence."
Loved how the picture matched the sentence perfectly.

This work was from a new student.  I am pleased with how well she is catching onto our routine and my expectations.
The next picture is from the alphabet workstation.  This workstation is my own addition to literacy workstations.  I like the idea of having a constant alphabet letter focus through the whole year.  (One that is just for letters and not for forming/working with words.)  Here the little owls roll a die, figure out what letter the number corresponds with, and then string the letter onto a plastic thread.  Basic, yes, but the little owls were fully engaged and working on math, literacy, and fine motor skills.  All in ONE workstation!!!!
The last pictures are from my word work workstation.  We have started playing around with word families and the idea of switching out the first letter to build new words.  The little owls used magnet letters, the snake mat from Deanna Jump, and a basic recording page.  They needed to be able to read the words back to me later on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 
*Hoping someone understands the title of this post and that my humor was not lost in cyberspace.  :)

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