Friday, February 1, 2013

Thank Goodness It's Five for Friday Time!

I will admit I have become slightly addicted to linky partys lately.  I love how many there are and the variety.  It allows me to look back and reflect on all different areas of my teaching.  This is an awesome thing to be able to do!  I'm going to, once again, link up with Doodle Bug for her Five for Friday.

This week was a long and rough week for me!  Way too many ups and downs for me to bear.  It has left me in a not so great mood all week and looking forward to Friday way more than I wanted to.  Due to the fact that my week could go into the world's worst week hall of fame, I didn't take pictures of classroom happenings.  I was just too busy trying to keep my "cool" if you will.
1.  I LOVE THE BIG BANG THEORY!!!!  I have watched it since season one and can watch the seasons over and over again and still laugh just as hard.  Seeing as this week was not full of smiles at school, I needed some way to destress.  Watching this show was my magic ticket to some much needed laughter after extremely long days.
2.  Attendance this year is scary bad in my room.  I can count on one hand the number of times all of little owls have been in school together.  It is really quite sad.  My little owls are struggling because of their attendance.  I needed to do something to really stress how important coming to school every day was.  I put together this bulletin board and stamp/sticker each day an owl is there on time.  I promised a fun afternoon once their entire charts were filled. 
3.  I put together this little ladybug and little label/writing for my little owls to work on in their writing work station next week.  We read the book, I Love Bugs, this week in our reading series and I wanted to bring the story into a station next week.
4.  Now this doesn't have a picture to accompany it, but it is completely random.  This week's weather here in WI was ridiculous.  It was 60 degrees on Tuesday, then we had a crazy rain, sleet, and snow storm on Wednesday, and today we had a wind chill advisory with -13 degree weather.  The whole entire week of wacky weather meant some serious indoor recess time and NO snow days.  :(
5.  I have been attempting to prepare for our 100th day and Valentine's day this week as well.  I put together a little owl themed Valentine's day counting activity.  I'm going to have my little owls try it out next week and I will post about it then.
Hope everyone had a great week.  Head over to Doodle Bug's blog and link up with your five randoms from this week.



  1. Sorry your week was so tough! The weather really didn't help at all! I was really hoping for at the very least an early release day on Wednesday, but no such luck! Hopefully things will be more normal and at least 20 or 30 degrees so they can get outside! So glad I found you through the Kinderland google group. We will have to do a Wisconsin bloggy meet up sometime (maybe once the weather is better)!

    Clearly Kindergarten

    1. Oh my goodness! A WI bloggers meet up would be fantastic! :)

  2. Oh no Erin-we're so sorry for your icky week. Hopefully your weekend is off to a better start. Hang in there!

    Love what you're doing for attendance and hopefully your lil sweeties (or more like their parents) will catch on and fill them up!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

    1. Thank you ladies! I'm using this weekend for relaxing! :) Yes, I'm hoping the kiddos start bugging their parents about getting them to school. It is such a problem at our school this year, especially in early childhood. It blows my mind!

  3. I LOVE the Big Bang Theory too!! I just recently started watching it. It's too funny!!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers