Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's the 100th Day We Go! Part 1

So I was out yesterday attempting to recover from the flu that blindsided me over the weekend.  Of course, when I should have been resting I was cutting out the last minute things I needed for the big day today.  It was officially our 100th day today!!!!  I, like always, overplanned, so we will be having a 100th day part 2 tomorrow with some of the activities that I couldn't squeeze in today.  The little owls didn't mind when I told them that we had some leftover 100th day activities.  They actually cheered and I got a few first pumps of excitement.  :)

Here are a few of the things that we did get to today and that I actually had a second to take a picture of.  Let me tell you, the 100th day is super fun but super exhausting.  It was nonstop engagement from start to finish. 

These mats I purchased from Khyrs at Keepin' It Kool in Kinderland.  Click the picture to check it out!  We put these together last week so they could be laminated for today!  Nothing like a little preplanning on that one.

I saw this idea on Jen's Kinder Kids blog last week and loved it!  The little owls were beyond excited for this activity today!

These were two writing station examples from our literacy stations.  The little owls had to write and draw what they wished they had 100 of.  Some of their wishes were FUNNY!  I was laughing to the point of tears when I was reading them after school.  I really liked the second example here because of this little owl's spelling of unicorn.  Her unicorns also needed to have wings to fly.  :)  She made it a point to tell me this after she was done.

I will be back tomorrow to fill you on the rest of our 100th day fun!



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    1. I over plan everything. I don't like that possiblity of not having anything to do when those activities get done way faster than planned or when they just bomb terribly. Back up is best!