Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's Get Aquainted!

I've been seeing posts popping up left and right with these cute little buttons.  I finally gave in and clicked on one of the buttons. 
I'm linking up with Flying into First Grade this week for her noun game version of this linky.  The rules are to name a favorite person, place, thing, and animal.
Person-  This one is both easy and hard.  I have quite a few people that I love immensely and cannot think of life without them.  However, I would have to say my son, Asher, takes this one.  He is 2 1/2 years old and has more energy than I will ever have.  He is the king of knock, knock jokes and is always laughing.  This is my pint sized pirate!  :)
Place-  I would have to say at this time, VEGAS!  I am going this summer for the I Teach K! conference, AGAIN!  (Anyone else going?)  Love that there is always something to do and that no matter how many times you walk up and down the strip it nevers seems dull.
Thing-  I love my DVD collection.  Cheesy and a bit said, yes.  I like the idea of sitting down and getting lost in a movie or a good TV show (minus commericals) after a long day at school. 
Animal-  This should be an obvious one, OWLS!  I'm not a pet kind of person, but I do have plenty of owls decorating my house and classroom. 
Well, that's all folks!  I will be back (hopefully tomorrow) with a post about last week's math work.  I forgot my camera at school over the weekend, so I didn't have the pictures I wanted.  Silly me!


  1. Aren't children amazing. I feel the same way about my own kids. They're my whole wide world. I love owls too.
    The Hive

    1. Thanks for stopping by! He really is my whole world. Never a dull moment around him. :) Yay, another owl lover!

  2. Your little boy is adorable!! And there is nothing wrong with curling up and enjoying a good movie after a long day (or just because you feel like it)!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late