Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some"bunny" Kind of Writing

I'm on a "blogging" roll this week.  We had such a busy four days, which made it easy to pick up a camera and get some great pictures of our learning.  Side note- I did want to pull out my hair on a daily basis.  My little owls are in some kind of funk and seem to remember skills in short bursts.  Beyond frustrating!  Just when I thought we had something down-BAM!-it was gone.

We are still working on making our writing strong with the use of describing words.  Today, in the spirit of Easter quickly approaching, I brought in a "large" stuffed friend.  We took turns using our senses and then describing "Mr. Rabbit."  I had three little owls come up and write their sentences for us.  It was very helpful for the others to see their friends writing for a change.

After we did our whole group piece, I sent my little owls back to their table spots to give it a try.  I wandered about helpig where and when I was needed.  Overall, I was impressed with how far some of them have come in just a couple of weeks.  I set the bar pretty high in writing and love seeing my little owls reach that level.
"The bunny feel hard."  This little owl is struggling with her writing.  She is Spanish dominant so this sentence is A-MAZING!  :)

"The size of the carrot is medium.  The head looks like a heart.  He is eating a carrot.  He is white."

"He is big.  He has a big butt."  (Loved this one!)
I'm officially on Spring Break!  In my pjs already and prepared for some serious rest and relaxation.

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