Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Water Has a Skin? HUH????

Needless to say we did not get a snow day today.  I, maybe, just possibly was a little kid about this "we want a snow day" thing yesterday with my little owls.  I reminded them several times to go home and think snow!  Guess they didn't think hard enough about it or maybe I though too hard about it!  Whoops!

No worries, we made the best of it and did some good ol' fashioned learning.  :)  Like my previous post mentioned, this week I am doing small assessments for report card purposes.  So far I can happily say that most of my little owls are blowing me away.  Maybe those glazed over stares are really just stares of learning and thinking really hard.    On top of great assessments thus far (hoping I didn't jinx anything by typing that,) we also did a super fun engaging science experiment.  We are currently studying everything WATER!  Favorite unit by far.  I mean what K kiddo doesn't love water.

We were focusing on water's surface or skin as we called it.  We did an experiment that allowed us to see the water's "skin."  I found this experiment online but cannot remember where I found it.  We started with a bowl of water and discussed what might stay on top of the water's surface and what would break the water's surface.  We talked about the why and why nots as well.  After some discussion, I shook some baby powder into the bowl.  We talked about what the powder did and why.  Each little owl then added some more powder onto the water to see if more powder would change the experiment.  No such luck!  The amazement on their faces was priceless!  Then I poured in some dish soap by an edge of the bowl.  We talked about how the dish soap broke the water's skin and how it pulled the powder down into the water.  Overall, great experiment that allowed the little owls to visualize water's skin.  The ooohs and aaaahs made it worth it!  Here are some pictures of the experiment reenacted at home.


If you look really closely, you can see the powder falling down.
Two writing examples that we did after the experiment to show what we saw and what we learned.
Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!

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  1. LOVE that science! And sorry you didn't get a snow day. . . I did. :)
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby