Friday, March 8, 2013

What's better than Friday? A Five for Friday!

I'm needing a good linky fix and what better way than to link up with Doodle Bug Teaching and her Five for Friday Linky PAR-TAY!  Make sure to drop by her blog and check out all the amazingly random things that are happening in the teaching world.
1. This week has been a great Science week for us!  We are studying water and what's not to love about studying water.  We looked at water's surface.  Read about it here!  We made "goo" with water and cornstarch.  We played around with sink and float.  The one that by far won over all my little owls was our fireworks in water.  Yes, you read that right.  FIREWORKS!  :)  I found the experiment on Pinterest so please click the picture to get the details.

2. In math, I have finally introduced the penny and the nickel to the little owls.  So far so good!  This is what we did today.
3. This is the stack of assessments that I have given out this week to have some solid evidence for report cards.  Mind you report cards should be completed by this coming Monday!  I have been working my little owls like no other this week.
4. This one ties in with number 3.  Even though I dislike assessing so much, it was wonderful to see that my little owls are making some good progress.  Are they all where I would like them to be?  No!  However, all of them have made improvements since the last time I assessed.  That I will take!
5.  A just for fun picture!  I had out my camera the other day and Asher ran over and told me to take a picture of him.  As I was getting ready, he turns around and yells, "Can't catch me!"  What a stinker!
And that boys and girls, is what we call random at its best!  Hope all of you had a great week!

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