Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Splattin' bugs is where it's at!

I'm back again today to give you yet another great sight word game that my owls go crazy over.  It has really helped build their confidence in reading these words and to help those that were having a hard time get ahold of some more words.  Plus, it is just down right fun to play!

I was at Target (I know big surprise, a teacher at Target :0) and I saw these great butterfly spatulas.  I fell in love immediately and knew that I would find some use for them in the classroom.  After a bit of brainstorming and looking over what my owls were still needing a boost in, the creation of ....

Included in this activity are all of the sight words used in the HMH Journeys series for Kinder at this time (first grade will be added soon!)  How I played this game with my owls is I laid out a handful of word cards at a time, divided the group into two teams, and handed a person from each team a butterfly spatula.  I called out a sight word and the first person to splat the word, won the word and a point for their team.  We have been playing this game every other day for over two weeks now and each time the giggles get louder.  I love when learning is fun!
Here are a few action pictures.
Click on the top cover picture, if you would like to pick this up at my TPT store.  It is definitely a fun way to end the year and to keep learning happening in your classroom or could be a great game to use through the entire year.


  1. We play this on our Promethean board. The kids LOVE it! I found fly swatters that actually have the word SPLAT on them!

    1. What a great idea! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get a Smartboard next year. If I do, I will def. turn this game into a file for on there. Where did you find the Splat fly swatters?