Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom's Ready!

Hi all!  I'm stopping by quickly today to give you a peek into my home away from home.  I'm beyond excited with how my classroom turned out this year!

This is what you would see when you walk into my side of the classroom.

The other side and my new Smartboard!!!!!

I'm using every inch of my room this year so my metal cabinets are being turned into on the left a place for word work with magnets and on the right attendance.

The writing and art center.  The blue lid containers are for art and the green lid containers are for writing.  Cart to the side is for the organization of weekly materials.

My new and improved word wall.  I used washi tape to divide the letters.  I also put everything on with magnets, so the owls can come right up and take words off if they need to see them better.

This is the math center and the carts are how I organize literacy and math workstations along with my small groups.
Rotation cards for literacy (top) and math (bottom.)
Back side of  my carpet area with computer center, schedule, behavior pieces, and on the bottom drawers are my classroom helpers.
Carpet area with the classroom library and easel for whole group learning.  :)  Under the window sill are the ribbons for how the owls get home after school.
Calendar board and learning intention frames above.  Clipboards and dry erase boards are on the floor right next to my chair for whole group learning.
Well, I am off to go organize and prep some more for when the owls come on Sept. 3!


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