Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kid tested, Teacher approved

Hi all!  I'm offically in back to school mode.  My head is going in a million and one different directions all at once!  Love it!

A majority of my ideas right now are revovling around back to school literacy and math workstations.  I want my workstations for the start of the year to be pretty basic because we are working towards that independence. 

I'm super excited about this alphabet workstation! 

You will need...
any unsharpened pencils will do
some fun Washi tape (the patterned tape is to wrap around the pencils and the solid colors are to make the letter flags)
The finished product looks like this...
This is how I will be using these letter pencils in my classroom.  Since this is a beginning of the year sort of workstation, I would begin whole group modeling.  Each owl will get a coloring page (you will be able to snag it at the bottom of this post) to fill in while we are passing around the pencil cup.  An owl will pull a pencil, read the letter on the flag, and all will find the letter and color it in.  Super simple but tons of fun!
I tested this out with my little man and he HAD to find every letter!
I laid the pencil next to the paper so he could look back at it.  He was also allowed to pick it up and lay it next to each pencil on the paper to see if it matched.  He used that approach with the more challenging letters.
Click on this picture to grab a copy!
I hope that you are able to use this in your classroom this year and that your little ones LOVE it as much as my little man did!



  1. Wonderful idea...Oh I wished the clipart was owls. :)

  2. I was thinking they were sharpened and colored. The kids pass them around and color it the color the have. Cute idea!