Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New alphabet activity and great finds!

I hope everyone took advantage of the TpT BTS sale!  I controlled myself and only purchased the things I have been wanting for forever now.  :)

This week was the first week we could really get into our classrooms, so I have been working there for a majority of the days so far.  Yesterday was the big layout change!  I'm so happy the way it turned out and even happier that it worked!  Pictures will happen (hopefully) at the end of this week once everything is put together.

My head is so immersed in school right now and it doesn't seem to want to turn off so I can sleep.  This might sound bad, but I was able to come up with a super fun alphabet activity that I cannot wait to use with my new owls. 

I made up a set of lowercase "cool cat" themed cards and taped them to some adorable stripped paper straws I found at Target.  To play, these card signs are placed in a pile in the middle of the carpet. 

The owls take turns pulling a letter and identifyting the letter.
If the letter is identified correctly, the letter sign goes into a shoe!  I had to find further use for my little man's shoes that he has outgrown.  ;)
Activity continues until all letters have been identified and placed into shoes. 
I'm loving this activity because it can easily be introduced whole group and since it doesn't have a whole lot to it, it can be placed into a workstation right away.
I also wanted to share some fun finds I found at Party City while I was out and about finding last minute things for the classroom.
Cute bug finger pointers for guided reading!
Crazy monster like pointers for guided reading!
Can never have too many pointers for reading, right????


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  1. What a cutie!!
    I love collecting pointers for guided reading! I'll have to make a run to Party City!
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