Friday, August 9, 2013

Time for a little 5 for Friday!

Hi all!  I'm back today and ready to bring you my 5 for Friday, which is hosted by the wonderful Doodle Bugs Teaching.  So grab a coffee/soda/water and enjoy the journey!

 This is one of the few Fridays I have left before I'm officially back in school, so that means lots of classroom and activity prep.  In order to get most of this prep done, I enlisted my sister to help.  She came up last night and helped dig through what is suppose to be a basement and made sure I purged my "school stuff."  Basement is clean and you can now walk safely around.  :)
Today she helped with this
We colored rice for some fun literacy workstations that I have planned for the first weeks of school.  She pinned this for me so I do not have the original source.  To make- place 1 cup of white rice in a gallon freezer page, 1/2 tsp of kool aid, and 1 tsp of rubbing alcohol.  After everything is in the bag, carefully zip it shut and shake!
I had seen a few bloggers posting about gluing pom poms to the top of dry erase markers to act as erasers, so I did that as well today.
I painted and added some Washi tape accents to my K sign for first day pictures.
My little man wanted to hold it!  Yes, that is owl Washi tape!
Now for a couple fun randoms!
Sara from Polka Dot Kinders is throwing a huge 400 followers giveaway!  Click on the picture and look at all the amazing goodies you could win! 


I am having a TpT sale!  Click on the picture to take a look around at my TpT store.  Here are the sale details... When you buy something, e-mail me ( the name you use for TpT and what product you bought, tell me what product of equal or less value you would like, and I will send it to you within 24 hours. 

I think it's time to do some relaxing!  :)


  1. I was JUST talking to my husband last night about how I want to make my own "Find Its!" for Literacy Centers (clear tube with small objects that students need to find and write on a recording sheet; I think I am going to put sight words on tokens). Anyway, I was saying how it might get expensive to buy TONS of small beads and my husband suggested rice. I liked the idea because rice is cheap, but I wasn't crazy about the all white color. YOU have given me a solution! THANK YOU! :) (By the way, I have been following you on Bloglovin' for some time now and I can't remember if I told you already, but I live in South Milwaukee, so I bet we're close!)

  2. It's nice to have someone to help you at the start of the year! I always enlist my mom! Looks like you've been getting a lot done!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

    1. It sure is! My sister is super creative and crafty, so she helps with the little pieces that add character or color to my classroom. She also will keep me focused, so I get things done! :)