Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flip Flop Product Swap

I am beyond excited to being linking up with Confessions of a Teaching Junkie for a fun product swap. 

Sara from Polka Dot Kinders had e-mailed me a few weeks back telling me about this linky and asking if I wanted to do a little swap-a-roo with her.  Sara and I had the chance to grab lunch and chat when she was in Chicago for a family reunion.  Let me tell you, this girl is Ah-mazing!  If you had seen us at lunch, you would have thought we have known each other for years.  Love this girl!
Sara has quickly become my go-to teacher for sight word advice.  She posted a few weeks back about her sight word routine that she uses.  Start here and then read through to the rest of the days of the week.

For this linky, I asked Sara if I could have her Write It:  Sight Word Puzzles pack.

In this pack, Sara has laid out the sight words that she uses throughout the year.  AWESOME! 
After you have introduced your sight words for the week, you would use the following pages to practice/reinforce the sight words.
I would hand my owls this page first and ask them to trace the words inside the popcorn with a pencil, crayon, or marker.  After they have had a chance to feel the word, I would have them use the puzzle boxes to write the words in.  This part would be in pencil to allow for mistakes to be erased.
After I look over the above work, the owls will get this page.  They can practice writing each word three more times.  I would allow colored pencils, markers, or crayons here.
I loved how these simple pages packed such a great learning punch.
In the pack, she mentions to run the above two pages back to back to help save paper.  Since I want to let me owls use markers that wouldn't really work, so I figured I could just turn them into little popcorn word books.



Simply cut construction paper the "hot dog" way, staple, cover staples with washi tape, and decorate as desired.

Inside include the necessary pages.  I was thinking of make a book for each unit in our reading series.  These books would be perfect for week five when we are reviewing the words from the unit.
If you want to grab Sara's sight word park, click here!
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  2. My favorite back to school activity is reading " The Day Before Kindergarten" to my students.

  3. My favorite activity is greeting my students for the first time! I love their eagerness and the fresh start that they represent!

  4. My favorite activity is reading "The Kissing Hand" to my students and their parents. We then do a make and take activity all together.