Monday, June 24, 2013

A Cool Cat

Over this past weekend I attempted to do some organizing of my school "stuff."  I was focusing primarily on the mass chaos known as my book collection.  I started this last year out by placing colored dot stickers on books based on their themes, but that lasted only a few short months.  For organizing this time around, I decided to gather books that I will use for teaching purposes not just for stocking my classroom library.  I pulled together all of my back to school books and set them off to the side.  While I was doing this, that cute and loveable cool cat kept smiling at me from the front cover.  I read the book to my son last night and he was immediately hooked.  He loves anything that has a sing song feel to it!  :)

From this adorable cat stemmed my newest TPT creation.  I have put together a beginning of the school year letter sorting pack.  I included all upper and lower case letters and nine different fonts for each letter.  I'm planning on using this to introduce the various letters that go with our reading curriculum during those first couple of weeks of school.  Once the owls have had a chance to really work with the letters and the idea of sorting, I will place the practice letters in a literacy work station for further practice.  This will also give me a great opportunity to see how the owls will work together.

Click on the picture below to head over to my TPT store!  It will be on sale through tomorrow night!



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