Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Number Sense Routines Book Study- Chapter 2

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Onto chapter 2...

This chapter was about establishing routines in the classroom, which we all do already.  This was more specific to establishing a routine where number sense is the focus.  I am completely in love with this following quote, "Routines provide feelings of belonging, ownership, and predictability, which make the classroom a place to take risks, try new things, and be successful" (Shumway 13.)  I felt this was a powerful line, because developing one's number sense truly involves taking risks and putting yourself and your thinking out there for others to see and hear.  However, if we, the teacher, provide a specific time each day to work on number sense, our littles will be more than willing to dig deeper and explore further due to the routine element.

The chapter provided examples of a number sense activity in action and discussed how different littles were at different number sense levels.  I found the following line also important, "Students need quick, explict, daily experiences wiht number sense concepts" (Shumway 18.)  I am certain most of us include some kind of number sense in several parts of our daily routine, but this book is making me realize that these additional practices are not always of the intentional kind.  We need to make sure that the number sense routine is purposeful.  Once that happens, we will begin to notice the great teachable moments that surround the deeper learning of number sense.

The chapter wraps up with a large chart mapping out the rest of the book.  I am beyond excited to dig into the specific routine activities that this book has to share.

While I was reading this chapter, I started looking back on how I can start my year with a stronger number sense routine.  I have used dot plates in the past and love how easy it is to include them at any point in the day.  However, my owls became a tad bored with the dot plates after a while, so I decided to give them a makeover.  If you haven't already guessed, I am obsessed with owls.  Insert owl themed dot plates!  These are my newest creation on TPT.  Click the picture to take a look!

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