Saturday, June 29, 2013

Have you heard about CampusBookRentals?

I received an e-mail early this week from this amazing company called CampusBookRentals. 

Here is a little background on the company, they are one of the original companies to offer the option of renting textbooks, which started back in 2007, they have people available to help you with whatever you many need as close as a phone call away, and if you change your mind about a textbook you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.
Now those pieces alone are fantastic, but here is what hooked me into this site.  I am not a college student and I do not have to take any courses at this time, so I decided to look around and see what professional development titles they might have to offer.  Every title I entered in and every larger focus area I typed in was there or had similar titles to look at.  Some of the titles were not available at this time, due to limited amounts but checking back frequently will allow you to snag them when they are restocked. 
Another great part is that you can highlight in the books as you need.  Please keep in mind, that if you are returning the book and another person might get your book with all the highlights or you might get a highlighted book.  This is a personal preference.
I also like that you get a bubble envelope with a prepaid shipping label to put the book back into when you are returning it.  No EXTRA cost later on!
The last great point is that if you decide you like the book or would need it in the future, you have the option of buying the book.  You would only have to pay the difference between the rented fee you already paid and the cost of the book.  Not to shabby!
With all of this greatness, how could one site have any more to offer.  Well hold onto your hats!  They offer another program called Rent Back.  Basically, you can send your old books and they will rent them out to others and you get the money for it.  This could make you two to four times more money than just selling the book back to the campus bookstore.

Click on either icon to take a look at the different options!  I highly recommend it if you are in school at this time.  Textbooks are always so expensive and this helps cut some of the cost.
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