Monday, June 3, 2013

Fairy Tales-Math Style

Today we stared our readings of The Three Bears.  We started out with Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall.  Since today was our first day, I read the book and then the owls named the characters, the setting, and we talked about the plot.  We will build upon this information each day as we read other versions of this fairy tale.

For math today, I started our whole group portion with the construction of a graph.  We graphed, Which porridge would we eat?  The owls could pick from hot, cold, or just right.  They used their knowledge from the story and made a choice from there.  Each owl got a little porridge card to write their name on.  We then took turns sharing our choices and adding our name to the correct place on the graph.  For the final step, I had the owls analyze the data independently!  We ususally do this step orally.  I felt it was time to cut the teacher strings and to let them have a real go at it.  Most did well but there were a few owls that were lost.  :(

Here is our graph and a data page up close.

At math stations time, the owls worked on my recently posted Golden Subtraction.  You can click here to grab this freebie.  In this activity, the owls grab a money bag card, count the number of dots, roll a die, cover over the matching number of dots with jewels, and then write the subtraction problem.  My owls rocked this!  Engaged the whole time!
This next station is my newest freebie on TPT.  My owls have worked with tens and ones a little here and there, but I was still worried about how strong their understanding was.  I put together this activity to help them practice the skill a little more.  The owls grab a number card, identify the number, on their work mat they build the correct numbers of tens and ones, count it to a friend, and then record it as groups of tens and ones.  I was super happy with the level of work and understanding that my owls were showing.
They counted out ten sticks and then rubber banded them together for the groups of tens.
If you grab this freebie, please remember to rate it and follow my store.  It is always appreciated and helps me to create the best activities I can.
Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! 


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